The fridaygirl feeling

The fridaygirl feeling

Why we love to do it

It’s our cup of tea

‘Paperwork’ is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, but we get real satisfaction from creating order out of chaos. Sometimes that involves rolling up our sleeves and physically getting stuck into piles of papers and at other times we’ll be developing systems to make clients’ affairs run more smoothly. We’re obsessive about administration because we know excellent record keeping and at-your-fingertips information are vital to effective decision making.

The thrill of a challenge

Add a deadline to the mix and you’ve got some happy fridaygirls. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got a bin bag choc full of paperwork that needs preparing for your accountant; if you need to find a petrol station that has fuel during a strike before you run out; or if there’s a 3,000 piece mailing that needs to hit tonight’s post and the inserts won’t arrive from the printers until after lunch. We love a challenge.

Chicken and egg

Which comes first - being good at something, or enjoying doing it? Clients have been delegating their administration to fridaygirl for over 19 years and we’re happily caught in a virtuous circle of being great at what we do and thoroughly enjoying doing it.

So why not just be a ‘normal’ PA?

Variety. No two days are ever the same at fridaygirl. By sharing our talents between a diverse range of clients, rather than working for just one company, we get to work on a much wider selection of projects and further broaden our knowledge and experience. Besides, why should it just be large corporations who have access to the skills and know-how of top class secretaries/PA’s? You can too.

The bottom line

Whilst it’s lovely that we thoroughly enjoy what we do and we get to come to work every day with an enthusiastic and motivated team, our real satisfaction is in seeing the positive effect to our clients’ bottom line that delegating non-essential tasks can have. Whether we’re helping to cut costs or increase revenue, we love helping our clients to be more profitable.