We can save your day

We can save your day

Dear Della...

Payment chasing

Q: I’m great at delivering an excellent service to my clients and establishing productive relationships with them but I’m worried that when I have to chase payments, I might damage my relationship with them. What would you advise?


A: It’s a very common issue people have and a lot of the time it’s very helpful for someone other than their main contact to deal with this. A fridaygirl can act as your finance department issuing and chasing outstanding invoices and making sure that the money is on its way and not sitting in a dusty in-tray rather than your bank account.


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UK office presence

Q: I’m finding that due to expanding opportunities in overseas markets I am spending a lot of time with clients abroad. How can I maintain normal business operations at home while I’m away for extended periods?


A: It’s quite simple – fridaygirl can take the place of your office while you are away. The post and call handling can be dealt with from our offices and as far as your customers are concerned nothing has changed. You get to take advantage of the opportunities abroad, safe in the knowledge that things are being looked after at home.


For more information, see our case study ‘Virtual Office

We're over-stretched

Q: We’re launching a new product to the market, which we have been working on for the past 2 years. Without knowing for sure how quickly it will take off I’m reluctant to take on new staff but I’m concerned that our existing team, who are already working flat out with our existing products and customers, may soon have too much on their plates. How can we look after it all without ‘dropping the ball’?


A: That’s a good question and it’s quite understandable that you don’t want to take on more staff prematurely. Fridaygirl can increase your capacity, without the need for employing additional staff, either in the short term or for a longer period. In effect we can give you a fully set up and operational customer service team, able to deal with new enquiries and offer advice on your new product or idea. The great thing is that to you can expand or contract what you offer with the utmost flexibility, without any of the associated HR issues or long term overheads while you launch your new product.


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Maternity cover

Q: My fabulous PA is about to go on maternity leave for the next six months. I’m a little concerned about the upheaval we’ll have to go through in finding and training a suitably flexible temporary replacement. Is there a way to cover the workload for these six months without the hassle of employing a temporary staff member?


A: There certainly is. We can liaise with your current PA and set everything up ‘virtually’ with all her processes in place ready for when she goes on leave. You and your clients wouldn’t be while she is away. On her return we will hand everything back over to your PA in tip top condition, giving you both the peace of mind that your affairs have been thoroughly looked after. Even better – we work flexibly so that when you’re not so busy, you only pay for productive work time.


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Not enough hours in a day

Q: Sometimes it feels like there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Most of the time I’ve got things under control but when things are busy I could do with some extra assistance. How can you help?


A: Quite a few of our clients have come to us in the same position, and we help with as little or as much as they require; from making travel arrangements, managing diaries and making appointments, to helping prepare presentations and transcribing reports. All it takes is a call to fridaygirl and we’ll happily come to the rescue.


For more information, see our case study ‘Consultant Support

Maximising potential

Q: When I looked at my time management recently, I was surprised to discover that around 40% of my time is spent dealing with paperwork. This is mostly correspondence, invoicing, general admin and hours spent trying to use book-keeping software that I don’t really understand (or want to). I am so busy I’m turning away work, which is infuriating because at my hourly rate I could be earning significantly more – if only I freed up some of that non-billing time. Surely there’s some way you can help?


A: Fear not, fridaygirl is here for exactly that reason. You know that you are great at what you do and there is every reason that you should be doing nothing other than that. Delegate your admin to us and with our efficiency and proactive help, you’ll be able to concentrate on your core work and say ‘yes’ to more lucrative work.


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Phone calls without interruption

Q: We have a lean team of technical staff, who instead of being able to get on with their own work, are increasingly being distracted by phone calls. Whilst this would be great if the calls were all from clients and enquirers, it seems that we are dealing with an ever-increasing number of time wasting sales calls – you know the kind of thing trying to upgrade us to new mobiles etc. I must say we could really do with a ‘first line of defence’ but don’t want to go to the trouble and expense of hiring a receptionist. What should I do?


A: It’s incredibly frustrating being interrupted when you need to concentrate and focus. We offer a call handling service where you simply divert your phones to us. Your calls come through to our office, where we answer as if we were in your own office, in your company name and we act as a gatekeeper. Our knowledgeable and friendly receptionists can rid you of those pesky sales calls, and effortlessly transfer necessary calls through to you according to your preference. In effect you’ll have the new time-saving staff member without having to provide the desk space or equipment.


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