We can save your day

We can save your day

Good things come to those who delegate

Maximise Earning Potential

If your own hourly rate is higher than ours, it’s not a difficult to see you could be earning a good deal more by delegating some of your tasks and spending more of your time on billable activities. But what if our rates are fairly similar to your own? Well, we can still help to maximise your earnings. Chances are we’ll be a lot quicker at performing admin tasks than you. There’s no need for you to spend a couple of hours of your own time typing up and formatting a document, say, when it might take us half the time. Even if you’re a whizz with a keyboard are you sure there aren’t other jobs you should be doing instead? You know the ones - jobs that simply can’t be delegated to anyone else, that only you can do. That’s where your true value lies.

Financial Flexibility

Financial burdens come in many forms for businesses. Payroll, rent, furniture, utilities, IT equipment, communications infrastructure, stationery & consumables, the list goes on… We provide all our own equipment and software, which means that it’s not your problem that the toner might be running low or the recycling didn’t get collected this morning. Most importantly, though, it means you don’t have to find the funds for the initial purchase of such equipment or pay for its ongoing running costs and repairs. That’s thousands of pounds saved which can be better deployed in other areas of the business.

Improved Cashflow

With employed staff you have a payroll obligation regardless of how much work there is to do – a factor that can seriously affects cashflow when there isn’t as much work coming in. Outsourcing to fridaygirl is like having a Pay As You Go admin department. Because you only pay for the time in which we’re carrying out productive tasks, you don’t have the stress of finding cashflow when things are quieter sometimes.

Swifter response to change

In uncertain times, outsourcing allows for staffing levels and capacity to fluctuate as necessary, without the associated HR issues or equipment overheads. Either upsize, with the ability to start working productively immediately; benefitting from a ready made, fully functioning, enthusiastic team of administrators with a wide range of skills and experience. Or downsize simply by delegating less work. When the time comes for you to have your own in-house department we’ll even help you select and train them to make the transition smooth and efficient.

Higher profile

Profile is all about presenting the professional image desired by your customers. Some customers make certain judgements about calling a mobile number, others about dealing with businesses in a certain part of the country. We can help you deliver what your customers expect. If you’re based overseas, we can give you a UK presence, if you’re just a one-man operation we can provide full admin back up, if you’re selling a new product you can have a whole customer service department overnight.

Enhanced peace of mind

Allowing unanswered calls to go to a machine or voicemail means callers are less likely to leave a message. Not ‘being there’ for your existing customers may leave them feeling neglected. Prospective customers may just move on and not even give you a chance to win their business, so you’ll never know what you might have missed. Diverting your calls to us gives you the peace of mind that every call during working hours will be handled by a knowledgeable ambassador for your company. We’ll be there when you can’t be.

Space to think

Sometimes we all just need a bit of peace and quiet to get on with things but we don’t want to let others down by being unavailable. Delegating your first line contact allows you to work without interruption and focus on your own tasks as and when necessary, comfortable in the knowledge that your callers are being looked after.

Work should be fun. Doing business with us is a pleasure.