The fridaygirl feeling

The fridaygirl feeling

What makes us unique

We've been 'admin ninjas' for quite a while now...

It's OK, we get it

We’ve been running as a limited company since 2000. With our wide breadth of experience, we know what it takes to make sure things are run beautifully and we understand the inevitable challenges our clients’ businesses face.

Delegated. Done.

We know how important it is for clients to be able to concentrate on their own work without distractions. Once a task is delegated to us, we take ownership of it until it’s completed thoroughly and efficiently. The proactive way we deal with tasks means that we always take into account any knock on effects of our actions and look for the ‘next step’.

The circle of trust

We take our clients’ work and reputation as seriously as our own. Confidentiality is crucial and we never divulge clients’ company information, or indeed which clients we’re working with, unless permitted to do so.

Here come the girls

We have an awesome team of employed full-time administrators, dedicated to making clients’ admin wishes come true. Our team have been hand picked for the range of experience and skills they have. All fridaygirls work to their individual strengths and we match the right person to each task, to give our clients the best results.

The knowledge

Constant staff development and training, means we never stop learning and don’t intend to. The more we know, the better we can serve.


We find it incredibly important to match the personalities of our clients with the right fridaygirl. That way communication between the two will be most effective and most productive.

We love a good deadline

It’s a huge advantage to have a ready made, productive team when clients are faced with time-sensitive projects and tight deadlines. Many hands make light work.

Tea and biscuits

Our office is open during normal business hours, Monday to Friday 09:00-17:30. That means that we’re here for clients throughout the day, every working day.

Clients who wish to do so can come to the office to meet up, discuss their work, set up the next project, check on progress or drop off paperwork.

Ready made toolbox

The office is kitted out with everything we need to do a great job for our clients. We have the technology, software and all the bits, bobs and admin spanners we could possibly need.

Search & rescue

With a healthy level of paranoia, all client data is securely backed up off site each day, so that in the event of data loss, information can be restored within minutes and work can carry on without interruption.