See who we've helped

See who we've helped

Private Medical Practice

Dr K works as a GP in Yorkshire. In addition to this full time job, he runs a busy private practice as a medico-legal expert for personal injury cases.

With a finite amount of his own time available, it’s imperative he delegates all administrative tasks which do not require his personal attention, in order to maximise earning potential. As you can imagine his hourly rate is significantly higher than ours, so every minute he can spend on fee-earning tasks instead of administration is a huge bonus to his bottom line.

Our job is to make his practice run as smoothly as possible, to liaise with solicitors and patients to arrange appointments and make sure everyone confirms they’ll attend. A missed appointment slot is hugely wasteful. All incoming communications – post, email, fax and phone calls come to us and we respond, file, log and co-ordinate as appropriate.

Confidentiality is a huge aspect of our work for Dr K and we strictly adhere to data protection guidelines and, more importantly, common sense when dealing with his patients and their sensitive medical records.

We store all case paperwork until it’s required for his clinics, then prepare his attendance lists for each of his 5 venues together with all the associated documentation and send him bundles in readiness for each clinic. We also manage his/our workflow from instruction to report submission and payment, via an in-house designed database system which enables statistical analysis of all areas of his business to keep the processes as productive as possible.

“My medico-legal business has blossomed since working with the fridaygirl team. It has tripled in its efficacy, efficiency and most important of all profitability. Their grasp of the medico-legal industry is second to none.

They know how to handle difficult clients, pushy solicitors, obtuse and obstreperous agencies, whilst at the same time keeping me as de-stressed as possible by fending off unnecessary emails and dealing with requests for addenda, reports and contacts.

I could not be where I am without the superb efficiency of the fridaygirls. Feedback from solicitors and agencies about 'my secretaries' has always been very, very positive and favourable, regarding their personal approach and easy contact.

I cannot recommend highly enough to anybody wishing to start out in medico-legal work. In fact they are so good that they are now dealing with a lot of my other tasks.”