We can save your day

We can save your day

The way we work with you

Let’s talk

We’ll start by talking through what you’d like to achieve and how you think we might be able to help. No square pegs for round holes here - our service is made to fit your requirements. Don’t worry if you’re in a bit of a muddle and unsure of exactly what you need, that’s really quite common when people first come to us.


We’ll come up with a few options for you to consider and when you’ve decided what you’d like done, we’ll draw up some paperwork and get cracking.

The paperwork

A work specification will contain the most pertinent aspects of the service you require and will operate alongside our standard terms and conditions. This shouldn’t seem overly bureaucratic - we believe it’s vital to all good working relationships, that everyone knows what’s expected of each other.

Your fridaygirls

We find it hugely productive to align the personalities of our clients with the skills and traits of our administrators. You’ll be matched with the fridaygirl best suited to your preferred business style, who will be your main point of contact and will get to know and understand your business. She will be the leader of your fridaygirl team, which will consist of at least one other fridaygirl, who will also know about you and what’s going on, so that your work will continue smoothly in the event of any absence.


We’re not keen on just going through the motions. We take our role very seriously and just like any ‘real’ member of your staff, we’re constantly looking for improvements and will always make suggestions to increase efficiency and reduce the duration of tasks if we see an opportunity. Some might argue that’s potentially turning work away – we think it’s one of the reasons clients keep coming back.


We take your business and reputation just as seriously as our own. Confidentiality is hugely important to us and we never divulge clients’ company information, or indeed who we work for, unless permitted to do so.


Often we’ll be working alongside clients’ existing suppliers or their own administrative staff. We make a conscious effort not to step on anyone’s toes and to integrate as seamlessly as possible within an organisation, without unsettling pre-existing relationships.

Straightforward charges

We offer a simple structure for our fees. The more time you need, the better the rate. Much like a Pay As You Go tariff on a mobile phone contract, this puts you in control of your spend depending on your particular requirement for time.

Any time you buy lasts for a generous three month period, enabling you to benefit from a lower hourly rate if you choose to purchase a larger block of time in one transaction.


There is no ongoing obligation to engage our services for any longer that the purchased package of time. We’re here as and when required, for as little or as much as you need… and if you only need us once a year for a specific product we won’t mind in the slightest.